A Goodyear boycott would ‘squander’ opportunity for Trump: Expert

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Deke Digital Chairman Dave Maney argues President Trump shouldnt engage with the cancel culture by requiring a boycott of Goodyear.

One thought on “A Goodyear boycott would ‘squander’ opportunity for Trump: Expert

  1. A Goodyear boycott is needed, and take it to the hilt! It’s time to hit these people back….we have taken nearly 4 yrs of their crap….they need to see how it feels….to be cancelled….
    30 people have died, been killed by blm, antifa since floyd…..and they persist on saying these are peaceful protests….the complicit media does not cover any news that doesn’t fit their narrative …media is now only left propaganda….pushing the agenda of the globalist media owners, and no real news.
    We get it.

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