Dermatologists Debunk 13 Botox Myths | Debunked

Dr. Jordana Herschthal is a skin doctor at The Herschthal Practice in Boca Raton, Florida. Find out more about her and her practice here:

Board-certified skin doctors Dr. Rita Linkner and Dr. Jordana Herschthal expose 13 misconceptions about Botox. They speak about why pregnant individuals shouldnt get Botox, whether you can exercise after a treatment, and how to prevent looking emotionless. They likewise give tips for choosing the ideal injector and why experience matters.

Dr. Rita Linkner is a full-time partner dermatologist at Spring Street Dermatology in New York City. Discover more about her and her practice here:

00:00 Intro.
00:50 Botox is toxic to your body.
2:20 Botox is long-term.
3:00 Some serums and creams work like Botox.
3:53 Getting Botox is incredibly painful.
4:48 The Botox chemical is physically addictive.
5:40 Botox is so easy, anybody can provide an injection.
6:38 Botox and fillers are the very same.
7:26 Botox injections need a lot of healing time.
8:47 Botox accumulates in the body.
9:23 Botox will make you look emotionless.
10:12 Botox is just utilized cosmetically.
11:14 Only older women get Botox.
12:02 Botox works right away.

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Dermatologists Debunk 13 Botox Myths|Debunked.

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