Earthquake Experts Debunk 13 Earthquake Myths | Debunked

Veronica Cedillos, director of GeoHazards, and Gerardo Suarez, a geophysical engineer with the National University of Mexico, join us to debunk 13 myths about earthquakes and earthquake safety.

They tell us why an entrance isnt in fact the most safe location to hide, how the “Triangle of Life” might actually put you in more danger, and why theres no such thing as earthquake weather condition. Will California actually fall under the ocean? Can the Earth in fact open and swallow whole structures? We come down to the bottom of these misconceptions and more on this episode of Debunked.

00:00 Intro
00:38 Doorways are a safe location to take cover throughout an earthquake.
1:43 The “Triangle of Life” will save you.
2:28 Earthquake-proof structures are indestructible.
3:27 Small earthquakes prevent huge ones from occurring.
4:40 We are past due for a significant earthquake.
5:25 You ought to constantly try to get outdoors.
6:08 The ground can open during an earthquake.
6:58 In the US, a huge enough earthquake on the West Coast might be felt on the East Coast.
8:00 We are able to predict earthquakes.
9:16 In tall buildings, its constantly more secure to be on a lower floor.
9:50 California will fall into the ocean.
10:25 Theres such a thing as earthquake weather.
10:56 Bigger earthquakes happen under moons.

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Earthquake Experts Debunk 13 Earthquake Myths|Debunked

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