Fertility Experts Debunk 19 Fertility Myths | Debunked

Eleswarapu is a physician-scientist connected with the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center and UCLA Santa Monica Medical Center. Read more about his work here: https://www.uclahealth.org/sriram-eleswarapu.

Fertility expert Cindy Duke and reproductive urologist Sriram Eleswarapu join us to unmask 19 misconceptions about getting pregnant. Duke and Eleswarapu dive deep into these myths and more on this episode of “Debunked.”.

Duke is the founder, medical director, and laboratory director of the Nevada Fertility Institute in Las Vegas, in addition to a medical assistant professor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, School of Medicine. Learn more about her work here: https://drcindyduke.com/about/.

00:00 Intro.
00:49 Tight underwear is bad for sperm count.
1:34 Sex position matters.
1:53 Putting your upper hands after sex can increase your possibility of pregnancy.
2:16 IVF warranties pregnancy.
3:12 Stress triggers miscarriages.
5:24 Freezing your eggs guarantees you can have kids later.
6:27 Peeing or showering after sex will lower your chance of pregnancy.
7:04 Sperm quality doesnt decrease with age.
7:58 Its difficult to get pregnant after 35.
9:14 The finest method to get pregnant is to have sex every day.
11:09 You are most fertile 14 days after your period begins.
11:46 You can never have kids after a vasectomy.
12:21 Eating pineapple increases fertility.
13:14 You cant have kids if you are unable to climax.
14:10 You cant get pregnant right after stopping contraception.
If youve currently had kids then youll always be fertile, 15:04.
15:50 Irregular duration cycles are an indication of infertility.
16:29 Taking prenatal vitamins will increase fertility.
17:58 You need to attempt for over a year before seeing a specialist.


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Fertility Experts Debunk 19 Fertility Myths|Unmasked.

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