Geriatricians Debunk 13 Aging Myths

0:00 Intro
0:28 Myth 1: Its harder to learn brand-new things as you age.
1:01 Myth 2: How you age is predetermined by your genes.
1:31 Myth 3: It is inevitable that you will get dementia.
2:01 Myth 4: You shouldnt work out when youre older due to the fact that youre susceptible to injury.
2:37 Myth 5: You dont need as much sleep when you age.
3:11 Myth 6: Youll put on weight due to the fact that your metabolic process decreases.
3:40 Myth 7: People lose their libido as they age.
4:25 Myth 8: Getting old makes you grouchy.
5:20 Myth 9: You will lose your eyesight.
6:00 Myth 10: Your teeth fall out as you age.
6:34 Myth 11: Aging ways more medications.
7:44 Myth 12: Never smiling wards off wrinkles.
8:13 Myth 13: Eating less calories will extend your life.

2 geriatricians debunk 13 of the most common myths about aging. They also expose the concept that eating fewer calories will extend your life.

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Geriatricians Debunk 14 Aging Myths

2 geriatricians debunk 13 of the most typical myths about aging. They discuss the science behind smiling and what actually triggers wrinkles. They also debunk the concept that eating fewer calories will extend your life. Its more about the types of calories than the quantity. And they discuss how losing your sex drive isnt a repercussion of aging and what you should do if that happens.

One thought on “Geriatricians Debunk 13 Aging Myths

  1. “Lifestyle affects your health, like how you pray.”
    Wow, that is so… scientific, doctor! Thank you, i will now ask God to fix my cancer.
    Maybe they can get a real doctor on the show?

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