Geriatricians Debunk 14 Aging Myths

2 geriatricians debunk 14 of the most typical misconceptions about aging. They likewise debunk the idea that consuming fewer calories will extend your life.

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Geriatricians Debunk 14 Aging Myths

Two geriatricians unmask 14 of the most common myths about aging. They discuss the science behind smiling and what actually causes wrinkles. They likewise expose the concept that eating fewer calories will extend your life. And they point out how losing your sex drive isnt a consequence of aging and what you ought to do if that happens.

One thought on “Geriatricians Debunk 14 Aging Myths

  1. It seems that modern medicine has increased the length of life, but not necessarily the quality. I know a lot of older adults with dimentia/memory issues. There are a number of my family members that have this.

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