Physical Therapists Debunk 14 More Exercise Myths | Debunked

Physical therapists Dr. Wesley Wang and Dr. Stacie Morris unmask 14 myths about fitness and workout. They discuss why soreness doesnt equal a successful exercise, why working out doesnt cancel out unhealthy consuming, and how big muscles arent necessarily stronger.

Dr. Wesley Wang is a physical therapist based in Rockville, Maryland. You can find out more about him and his center here:

Dr. Stacy Morris is a physical therapist based in Phoenix, Arizona. You can discover more about her and her center here:

0:00 Intro
0:49 Your knees ought to never pass your toes when crouching
1:50 Soreness signifies an excellent workout
2:49 Bigger muscles are stronger
3:46 You need to consume meat to develop muscle
4:03 Cardio prior to weights
4:38 Working out tones your muscles
5:40 Exercise counteracts unhealthy consuming habits
6:33 You should bulk and cut to develop muscle
7:47 You need to exercise for at least an hour for it to have a result
8:27 Running will ruin your knees
9:31 The finest way to burn fat is on an empty stomach
10:25 Lifting heavy weights at a young age will stunt your growth
11:02 Assisted workouts are not as efficient
11:47 You cant exercise with flat feet

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Physiotherapists Debunk 14 More Exercise Myths|Unmasked

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