Prioritizing Equity: Political Determinants of Health

Check out the relationship in between political factors of health and health equity in this weeks installation of the AMAs Prioritizing Equity YouTube series. Join us as leaders in health care and politics discuss both the long-lasting and immediate effect political determinants of health have on the nation as it comes to grips with the COVID-19 pandemic.

One thought on “Prioritizing Equity: Political Determinants of Health

  1. Hello Congressman Garcia:

    My name is Eddie Ryan and I am a resident of Illinois as well as an advocate with The Borgen Project. Thank you for discussing the harmful effects of COVID-19 on our nation’s most vulnerable and for addressing the systemic disparities which it exposes in our Black and Brown communities. 


    I believe that the United States must assume a position of global leadership in the fight to protect the world’s poor from impending catastrophe. Congressman Garcia, please fight hard to secure an additional $20 billion for the International Affairs Budget in the next COVID-19 stimulus package to benefit those in poverty all over the world through poverty-reduction efforts, anti-hunger programs, and vaccine initiatives like the Gavi Vaccine Alliance.

    Thank you for all of your work for Illinoisans and for Americans!

    Eddie Ryan

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