What's Behind The Firefly's Glow | What's Inside?

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The firefly is most likely the Earths most famous bioluminescent types, with over 2,000 individual species. While the firefly may have developed its lantern as a kind of defense, today the lightning bugs use their light as a species-specific breeding ritual.


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Whats Behind The Fireflys Glow|Whats Inside?

The firefly is probably the Earths most popular bioluminescent species, with over 2,000 specific types. And the secret to its light comes from 2 necessary elements: luciferin and luciferase. While the firefly might have developed its lantern as a type of protection, today the lightning bugs utilize their light as a species-specific mating routine. Heres what truly takes place inside the fireflys lantern.

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  1. So your telling me it’s basically their lungs… like when we breathe in and out our lungs expand and contract just like there light turns on when they breathe in and turn off when they breathe out.

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