What's Inside A Wasp's Nest | What's Inside?

A wasps nest is an intricate structure that is a specialized nursery for all aerial-nest-building wasp types. These nests are easily recognizable– most of us have actually seen one at one time or another hanging from the outside of your house or on a tree. While these structures may look fairly basic, we can take a closer look inside to comprehend the different parts of the nest and how they assist wasps raise a new generation of young.

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Whats Inside A Wasps Nest|Whats Inside?

One thought on “What's Inside A Wasp's Nest | What's Inside?

  1. There is potter wasp nest in our house it is 6 inch tall near the window. At first we don’t really care but then one day there is an awful smell coming from it and there is a lot of ants so we break the house using knife cause the mud or wasp house is hard. When we break the house the awful smell got stronger (i don’t how to describe the smell) and then we saw some dead caterpillar or some insect. We kinda feel bad for destroying the house cause after we destroyed it we never see the wasp again.

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